Prairie Artisan Ales Podcast

Prairie Artisan Ales Podcast

If this event was a drag race, then we hit 100 mph in three seconds. Everywhere you looked, you saw Prairie Artisan Ales. It took full real estate on our menuboards, banners lined the wall and our patrons sat at the edge of their seats, waiting to see who would win the huge bottle of Prairie’s Funky Gold mosaic. Prairie Ales not only flowed through our tapped lines that night, it seemed to flow through our veins, literally if you think about it.

The elusive, small batch, hard to find brewery called Prairie Artisan Ales is something you can’t take for granted. As if the beer isn’t hard enough to get our hands on, finding the opportunity to host the creator of these beers is something short of a miracle. But, it happened and here’s the proof. We were fortunate to sit with Chase Healey during the celebration to talk about Prairie Artisan Ales. Listen as he get’s us up to date.

Later that night, Chase confirmed that Grain To Glass had the biggest line-up in Texas of Prairie Ales in a single night. Cool, huh? It’s our goal to keep Prairie Ales in stock here at Grain To Glass, so stop on by. Cheers!

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