7 Things New to Trivia Tuesday’s

7 Things New to Trivia Tuesday’s

Hey guys, we’re rolling out a fresh new version of Trivia Tuesday’s. It’s just in time for the Fall season. We’re taking out knowledge packed Tuesday nights, and putting it on steroids. That means more fun, points and prizes. Here’s a list of the changes:

Seasonal Score
Along with weekly winners, we can now add totals from each week to give teams a seasonal score. The team with the highest accumulated points will win that season. You don’t want to miss the opportunity to add up to 85 plus points per week to your seasonal score so don’t miss out. You’ll have to stick with the same team name for the entire season. The Fall season spans from October 6th – December 15th, 2015. The Winter season starts December 22, 2015

Random Raffles Between Rounds
From a hat, we will pick a team between each round. The team can win various prizes like koozies, desserts, glassware, etc. No need to go home empty-handed.

Trivia Tuesday’s Page
This page will be featured on our website as the hub for Trivia news and updates. Here we can showcase weekly winners, overall seasonal stats and upcoming categories.

Five-Minute Dance Party
Between the last two rounds, we invite one member from each team for a dance-off. We tap people on the shoulder to remove them, until we have the last person standing. Winner gets a free “small” gift and extra 3 points to the overall score. You’ll also get a chance to meet Roy, our dance party regulator.

Mystery Beer
Each week we’ll feature a mystery beer. Buy the beer, guess correctly, and you get an additional 5 points added to your weekly score. This works similar to the baffler.

Beer Round
We are adding a round of trivia that is related to craft beer so you better start brushing up on your craft beer knowledge.

All Mixed Up
The trivia host now has the power to swap a team member from your team to another team. Why are we doing this? Because, why not.

That’s it for now guys. Be sure that you and your team show up and play every week. That’ll keep you overall seasonal score the highest it can be. See yah here!

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