Beer, Food, Service, and Community — That’s What We Are All About

Grain to Glass is the product of a family and friends who are deeply passionate about craft beer, great food and good music. At it’s origin the goal was simple: to bring the experience of the best craft beer from the ends of the earth, back to the Rio Grande Valley. We believe we’ve done just that. We are proud to be a family venture, locally owned and operated for the enjoyment of our neighbors right here in McAllen, Texas. Come on over anytime!

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As our name suggests, we’re all about honoring the process of crafting beer from grain to glass. There are a lot of hands and hearts that go into a single glass of craft beer—from the farmer who sows the seeds, to the brewer who produces the beer, to the bartender who pours your favorite brew. We want to do our part to ensure you get to fully enjoy the fruits of their labor.

Every brewer has a vision for how each beer should be experienced from the look, to the taste and smell as you savor it. We are dedicated to making sure we do our part in fulfilling that vision. This includes doing everything in our power to serve your beer as it was intended—at the optimum temperature and in the appropriate glassware.

Whether you drop in to have a drink, or are browsing our taplist you can expect to see perennial favorites and rarities from the likes of : Oasis Texas Brewing Company, Tallgrass Brewing Company and Busted Sandal Brewing Company.


We love chefs, in fact we’re friends with a lot of them, but we also love our moms and that is exactly who created our menu. We didn’t set out to chase a Michelin star, but that hasn’t prevented us from serving up some seriously show-stopping food. Our buddy Mikey, who lives across the street, gave us two thumbs up when he ate our mac and cheese burger. That seal of approval is more important to us than any diamonds or stars. Our menu was created to pay homage to traditional pub fare, such as: burgers, wings, pretzels and nachos, as well as regional favorites like Pozole and our sweet n’ spicy chicharrones.


All great hop heads and craft wizards all started somewhere, and their positive experiences are what have fostered their passion for craft beer. When opening grain to glass, we made it our goal to facilitate those happy and educational experiences for everyone who walks through the door. We don’t think of craft beer as something to be enjoyed by a select few, but by all.  We may be beer snobs, but we’re not stuck up! We are here to happily serve and educate one beer at a time, and one person at a time- whether you’re a rookie or a connoisseur.

The world of craft beer is immense and always expanding, so our bartenders and servers are constantly researching to ensure we can help make your journey into the craft scene as exciting as possible. When you come in, be sure to take a look at our custom digital menu boards that will show you everything you need to know about what’s on tap.


We wanted to be where people live. We remembered what it was like to have a local watering hole, the pub around the corner, and we wanted to revive that concept of a friendly spot where people can gather and hang out. A small revival of the times before cell phones and ever-present social media updates. We want to be a good neighbor, so we aim to host fun events that people can get excited about: charity functions, toy drives, block parties, trivia nights, record swaps and the like. We’re here to be a fun fixture in the local community. To see what we have going on, check out our events calendar.