Beer Flights

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Grain To Glass Beer Flights

Flight of Fancy

Let’s see a show of hands. How many of you have walked up to a bar and asked the bartender, “What’s good?”. The bartender asks a series of questions to help you decide on a beer, but often, they all sound way too good to decide on just one. This is the exact reason that Grain To Glass offers beer flights.

What’s a beer flight? Our beer flights let you select four different beers. Instead of picking just one full pint that you may or may not like, now you have four small ones.

We’re proud to say that Grain to Glass in the only craft beer venue offering beer flights south of San Antonio. Whether you’re new to the craft beer scene or an experienced connoisseur, our beer flights let you explore a range of beer styles, which allows for variety and exploration. Our Untappd followers really enjoy our flights. They get to check-in four beers, instead of one.

Our beer flights start at just $8. Beer in higher alcohol content such as Imperial Porters, Stouts and IPAs will add a dollar or two to the price tag. So come to Grain to Glass today and fly the friendly beer skies with a tasty beer flight. Cheers.