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Are you looking for downloads for an event that we are working on together or perhaps need a photo for your desktop background? We got you covered. But, we can’t send you into the brave world of advertising or promotion without a little bit of discussion in regards to our branding guidelines.


Our logo was create to trigger both the established craft beer nerd and the burgeoning curious mind hoping to cross over to the craft beer side. The wheat straws orbit the pint in the center. The ribbon glues it all together in the foreground. It’s black and white for extremely high contrast on both dark and light backgrounds.

Logo Design No-no’s

  • Do not add elements or color the logo
  • Do not stack or group the logo with other elements
  • Do not stretch or distort the logo
  • Do not redraw or retype the logo
  • Do not add graphical styles like drop shadows and gradients
  • Do not rotate the logo
  • Do not place the logo in a way that groups it too closely with other graphical elements.
  • Do not add an outline the logo

Don’t do this

Grain To Glass Logo No-Nos

In the event the logo is layered over a photo for the purposes of advertising or communications, place the logo in a neutral, uncluttered space on the photograph. Nothing in the background should distract from the logo.

Logo Downloads